The Thirteenth JianJiang Tourism Merrymaking Festival will be held from February 6 till February 24 in Duyun, China.


    The thirteenth JianJiang Tourism Merrymaking Festival will be held from February 6 till February 24 in Duyun, China, according to the information given by the Publicity Department of Dunyun CPC.

    Celebrating new year and visiting Lantern Festival have been the Chinese cultural feats for Duyun citizens before the arrival of annual Spring Festival for many years as well as other pleasant activities,such as the Folk Song singing, the Dragon Boat Competition, the Boat Race in Jianjiang River, the Mountain-Climbing Competition , Writing Couplets and so forth. The colorful lanterns lit up on the Jianjiang River, and make this beautiful city become a"Sleepless City".

    To further enrich Duyun citizens cultural life during Spring Festival, intensify propaganda of "global green cities", and fully excavate and promote ethnic traditional culture, the 13th JianJiang Tourism Merrymaking Festival is held with the title of "Gathering in Duyun, Peace and Prosperity", which aims to highlight local ethnic characteristics and civil participation. During  the period of Feb.6 to 24, 2013, lots of activities will be held on Jianjiang River, they are fireworks, water light show, water curtain movies, ethnic folk stunts, hip-hop, competition for square dances and folk songs (love song), cultural fun activities, science and technology serving, culture, law and sanitation, writing spring couplets for residents, as well as rural community traditional art performances, etc. Meanwhile, Duyun city will attend the 2013 Guiyang Guanshan Lake Park Lantern and Temple Show, to demonstrate its cultural charm and image.

    Through years of continuous effort, the Spring Lantern Show has become the culture card of Duyun, gives this green city with strong ethnic characteristic and regional culture a thick cultural atmosphere of Spring Festival, enriches local festivals cultural life, and enhances the people's happiness.

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